Hatfield and McCoy Moonshine

"The Drink of the Devil"

...you can almost taste the history

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  • Hatfield & McCoy Moonshine is the very first authentic mountain moonshine ever legally produced by the Hatfields and McCoys. With a taste as original as its name, our moonshine is home fermented, home distilled, and home bottled in small batches in our distillery located in the southern mountains of Gilbert, West Virginia. 

    · History:  The Hatfield & McCoy feud began in 1875 between rival families of Devil Anse Hatfield and Ol’ Randall McCoy.  The story of “The Feud,” now over 135 years old, has become a modern American symbol of the perils of family honor, pride, justice, and vengeance.

     · Authenticity:  Handed down for generations, the recipe used to make Hatfield & McCoy Moonshine is as authentic and original as the mountains and streams that bear the family names.

     · Taste:  A no excuse, clean, bold yet smooth taste with the heartiness of corn and a hint of sweetness.  Drink it chilled by itself or in a variety of cocktails.  Hatfield & McCoy Moonshine has a welcome warm finish like the Appalachian people where it’s made.

     · Quality:  Simply said, there is moonshine and then there is real authentic moonshine.  You cannot mass produce moonshine or have someone else make it for you and keep the tradition and quality of small batch craft moonshine.  With one taste, the “old timers” will tell you Hatfield & McCoy Moonshine is second to none.